Ships are built for sailing, Humans are built for adventure!


I saw this picture earlier with a caption that read “Ships in Harbour are Safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”  It kinda got me thinking that this principle is true for people as well, people who are living in their comfort zones or as the gentleman quoted above says “tiptoeing through life” live generally smooth lives but humans are built for so much more.

There is a reason we fall into kingdom Animalia on the classification system, how could we not? We are wild beasts, we are wired for survival in the wild our bodies have mechanisms to respond to all sorts of stimuli, physical or emotional.

Only those who adapt survive. Adaptability is the main reason our kind have survived this long and we shouldn’t forget that, even we encounter stressors in life. If you cant change your situation change yourself.

And whatever you do remember always: Life is a challenge. Meet it!



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