A letter for Namibia

A letter for Namibia

A letter for Home

A letter for the land of our Fathers

A letter of appreciation

A thank you
A love letter for the dusty dusty sand laden, skin clinging Namib winds and the fog bearing Cold and Heavy Benguela currents of the Atlantic.

The Atlantic home of my heart
A poem for Biltong and braai chops

A poem for a sunset Windhoek Draughts

For beer festivals and Saturday sports days
Words for the child by the township house door

Words for the Sickle bush, for the Makalani, for the Mopani and for the San Man making out his best Afrikaans somewhere in the Gobabis heat.
A poem for my Mother, seeking shade below the old Marula tree

A poem for our Epya

And for Oom Hans on his farm just outside Omaruru

And for the uncle in the hat auctioning of livestock
A thank you for the smiles and the unheard exchanges with John Does and Jane Namibia in the malls

A poem to tell of the tourist, wearing safari clothes in the cold Swakopmund weather for unknown reasons
A poem for my old friend Willem who always says ‘but you know neh’

One for Alexia who will always laugh
A poem for the smell of rain

And for all those dried up Spurs that we call rivers when the Summer Rains fall
A poem for the skeleton coast, for the !Nara, the Flamingoes and the Gulls at the jetty

A poem to tell of the alleged Rundu beach,

The Hippo’s on the Zambezi

The heartwarming people of Kaisosi

The children playing out in a village near Andara

And the Majestic Okavango delta
A poem for the hope on the face of the Meme selling kapana opposite Okatana service station

For the Mopani forests and the song like Kwaluudhi accents from Tsandi
A love poem

A victory song of our past

A battle song for our youth and a

Hope song for our futures
To the land of our hearts

The land of the brave

The earthy soils that carry of our hopes and dreams

Namibia motherland we love thee!


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