If you’re reading this, you’re privileged

I have had this conversation numerous times over the past week with several fiends. I understand that many of my privileged friends are still trying to figure out where they belong in the post apartheid Namibia and South Africa but in all honesty, so are the rest of us middle and lower income people and the sooner we get to the point where we understand that we have to dialogue and engage in and fully understand these issues in order to be able to find whats in the best interests of the collective good and that it is not a Me versus You thing but rather a Us and a The future depends on our actions matter, the better.


In a space of woke activism, it is often too easy for us to wax lyrically about our oppression and the oppression of our people, whichever subjugated group we belong to, without introspecting on our own privilege and how we in ourselves have inadvertently hurt others with that privilege.

In the first instance, almost anyone who is ‘woke’ is privileged by the fact that they have access to education on social identity. The most subjugated in our society are likely to never fully grapple with their own oppression because for them it is the norm and it society. They lack access to see the possibilities of a brighter future. Thus we must accept that when we are outraged we must be outraged primarily on our behalf, and not theirs.

It is uncomfortable to acknowledge privilege because it is seen as an admittance that my oppression is not as real as…

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