Never forget the 7th of April 1994


We remember the atrocities that commenced on this very day 22 years ago. The Rwandan Genocide, April 7th 1994. We cannot forget, history has taught us not to forget.

The mass murder of 800 000 men, women and children began exactly 22 years ago in Rwanda. They were all murdered for committing the same crime – being born a certain tribe. Approximately 85% of the people killed belonged to the Hutu tribe, just over 10% to the Tutsis and less than 5% were Twa.

The main problem with tribalism has always been its senseless nature. That things like tribe, ethnic origin and race are so minor in the face of the real problems we face as humanity and particularly as people residing on the African continent. These people have potential to do so much more in combination, if you tally up the amount of physical and brain power shared between 500 people irrespective of tribe, race, class, gender and given even just a year and the right resources they should be able to produce so much or at least device considerably good solutions for some of the problems the world faces. Synergistic relationships are the stuff off of which nature runs.

Imagine what humans would be capable off if we took the time we expend on unnecessary conflict and spent it on finding solutions to our planet’s problems. The old philosophers said to learn from history so we would not be condemned to repeat it and that is exactly what we should do.

Remember, remember the 7th of April 1994, so that every time evil old prejudice creeps up on us we will have the strength to annihilate him.


***This post is the first in a series of blog posts I’d like to write on prejudice in the 21st, with some everyday African examples. Please let me know how you found it.



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