Understanding Prejudice – Post

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”  writes Arundhati Roy. And that is so true or at least I’d like to think that it is, it has to be.  A better world, a prejudice free world is on its way.

I wrote earlier on tribalism and why it’s wrong but I think I forgot to properly define prejudice. So this is blog post two my series of blogposts on prejudice and it is dedicated to understanding prejudice. Prejudice is feeling unfairly or being in dislike of somebody on the basis of a trait they poses, usually something they were born with and usually for logic deficient reasons. Prejudice like many of the other complex societal problems exists in many forms such as, racism, classism, sexism, colourism

Prejudice in itself is particularly problematic for several reasons:

  1. It provokes violence, people acting from these unreasonable spaces often a times provokes violent events that are not backed up. In all honesty some of the biggest wars and atrocities across history such as slave trade have occurred as a result of misinformation.
  1. It dehumanises a group of people, making them appear lesser in some manner and therefore making a conducive environment for hatred and bias to exist.
  1. It slows down our progression as a peoples and defers time from valuable endeavours such as scientific exploration and science to petty trivial human differences.
  2. The oppressed individuals often internalize these wrong beliefs and as a result suffer a lot of psychological trauma and emotional issues that carry on into other areas of their lives.

I am well aware that transformation is a slow process, but I also know that there is a need for us to turn the world into a space in which people can exist as they are without prejudice. It is my hope that my writing sets some very relevant conversations about prejudice in motion.



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