30 days of me: Day 4

Day 4- A habit you wish you didn’t have

Day 4, this is a little exhausting, but all’s well. A habit I wish I did not have? hmmh…. I think fatigability, becoming tired in the afternoons. I do not like that I tire as frequently as I do, sleep is probably my most unproductive trait.

I think  myself able of doing so much more without my daily evening dose of fatigability or with more control over when this unavoidable part of the human experience can have its dance with my  body.  This is probably my most disliked trait for a few reasons:

  • I would be able to do more in a day without it.
  • I find myself struggling with when to grow tired and I find learning to control when I grow tired rather taxing and I would be the better of without it.
  • I have learned to accept myself and consequently cannot find many traits I dislike, leaving this one at the top of the list.

That concludes today’s post.


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