30 Days- the Abrubt end.

I recently decided to prematurely terminate the 30 days of me series of blog posts. I now think it a rather audacious commitment for my lifestyle in retrospect. Especially when taking into accounts the demanding nature of my work and the heavy practical considerations.

I was running into words and out of time so the series had kinda called ‘Adios’ on itself. It was fun while it lasted, but as with all things one must be practical when life calls for it. From the series I have learned a number of things:

  1. To think intense commitments through before making them so as no to prematurely quit.
  2. To expand more time on reading in order to strengthen my own writing. Some of the blog posts gave me the feeling that my writing needs more work.
  3. To write more, the more I wrote the greater desire I had to write. To want to share more and to craft more skillful pieces.
  4. To reflect deeply and be more open about myself the challenge found me thinking through past decisions and life events in deeper detail.
  5. To write what I know and to do so with a deep honesty. As with all opinion blogs, the challenge required of me to do some soul searching and to really sift through my life in order to be able to compile many of the ‘Top something’ and ‘Most something’ lists.
  6. Lastly that we must search for truth and meaning in everything and when find it accept it in whatever form we find it. Einstein did once say that ‘whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth’ and that really is the truth.



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